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Antwerp (or Antwerpen in Dutch) is the largest Belgian city in terms of population. It is important both culturally and economically, located on the River Scheldt which links the city with the North Sea. As a result, the city is home to one of Europe's largest sea  ports.

Antwerp is a key destination on the rail routes that link the Netherlands and Belgium. Within the city, a number of tram and bus routes operate, including an underground section of tram lines known as the premetro.

How to get to Antwerp from
Route 1:

The journey between Paris and Amsterdam is very fast onboard this Thalys service. However, if travelling from the United Kingdom towards Amsterdam, you are best off taking the Eurostar to Brussels, and then joining this Thalys service there (rather than going into Paris), as it is much cheaper and quicker.

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