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Lyon (or Lyons), is a city located in Central France, between Paris and Marseille. It is the largest conurbation in France, other than Paris, and is well known for its architectural importance. Lyon is a major industrial city, with a focus on the software and biotechnological industries.

The city has two main railway stations, Lyon Part-Dieu, and Lyon Perrache. Part-Dieu is primarily for international and TGV services, while Perrache serves local and regional routes. 

The city has a large public tranport system including a metro, trams, and buses.

How to get to Lyon from
Route 1:

The route used to be operated by Artesia trains, but in place of this service are traditional TGV services. An alternative overnight service between Paris and Milan is available, continuing to Venice (and detailed elsewhere on this website).

Route 2:

The high-speed TGV service from Lille Europe to Nice takes around 7-8 hours, passing through the whole length of the French countryside.

There are only two services a day in either direction. A more frequent alternative journey, Paris - Nice (TGV) is also available, but can be a little more inconvenient than the Lille - Nice option if you are coming from a connecting train due to the cross-city Metro change at Paris.