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Nürnberg (or Nuremberg) is a German city situated on the Pegnitz River, around 100 miles from Munich. The city was of great importance during the Nazi Germany era, as it was chosen as the venue for a number of Nazi Party conventions at the time; the Nuremberg rallies.

The city's station is an important stop for a number of national and international rail routes. The Nuremberg-Ingolstadt-Munich high-speed line opened in 2006, which now means that travel times to/from Munich are just one hour.

How to get to Nürnberg from
Route 1:

The journey between Frankfurt and Vienna (Wien) is made on board one of Deutsche Bahn's InterCity Express (ICE) services. Two services in each direction travel on/from Dortmund via Cologne (Koln), both good stations for connecting services. There are also a couple of sleeper train services that are good alternatives to this daytime route, including a EuroNight route between Vienna and Cologne, and another between Amsterdam and Vienna.

Route 2:

When travelling between Vienna (Wien) and Cologne (Koln), you have the choice of either taking the daytime InterCity Express service, or this night time EuroNight sleeper train. Connecting service area available from Cologne to reach Frankfurt and onwards to cities including Amsterdam and Paris.

Onboard this train, a mix of accommodation options are available, including First and Second Class sleeping compartments, as well as Second Class couchettes (4 and 6 berth options).