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Florence (or Firenze) is the largest Italian city in Tuscany. It is an extremely popular tourist destination, thanks to its history, cultural attractions, and wonderful architecture. Most visitors head to the city's centre, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Public transport within the city is mainly run by the ATAF and Li-nea, who operate a range of bus services. A tram network is currently being developed, with the first line opened in 2010. 

Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station is the city's principal station. The building itself is a good example of Italian Rationalism architecture, and offers services both nationally and internationally.

How to get to Florence from
Route 1:

Catching the train between Florence and Pisa can be especially useful for people flying into Pisa airport on one of the budget airlines. The cheapest option for those wishing to travel on this route is to take a Regional (Regionale) train between the cities. These services are perfectly comfortable, although seats aren't reserved.