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Pisa is a city in Northern Italy, famed for its leaning tower. The city draws large numbers of tourists each year, who come mainly to see the tower. The city is working hard to promote its image as a destination in its own right, with an improved range of independent shopping opportunities.

Travelling to Pisa is easy on Italy's regional train network, operated by Trenitalia. Services link Pisa with Florence, Milan and Genoa. The city itself is generally very walkable, and local bus services also operate.

How to get to Pisa from
Route 1:

There are a couple of different options for travel between Pisa and Genoa; you can either travel via the Cinque Terre on a Regionale train, or take a faster InterCity route which travels along the same route but stops less frequently. The Regionale train described here runs less frequently direct to Pisa, although there are plenty of services travelling to La Spezia (around 8mins from Riomaggiore) which has plenty of onward services to Pisa. In fact, there is only one direct service between Genoa and Pisa each day, and only travelling to Pisa. If you want to travel at any other time, or in the opposite direction, you will need to catch an InterCity service, or travel indirectly, via La Spezia.

This route is operated by single decker trains (as opposed to the double decker services found on other Regionale routes). Between La Spezia and Genoa, the journey passes along the coast, stopping at the Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore).

Route 2:

Catching the train between Florence and Pisa can be especially useful for people flying into Pisa airport on one of the budget airlines. The cheapest option for those wishing to travel on this route is to take a Regional (Regionale) train between the cities. These services are perfectly comfortable, although seats aren't reserved.