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Bratislava is the capital, and largest city in Slovakia. It acts as the administrative, economic and cultural capital of the country. The old town is positioned around two public squares, and is characterised by narrow cobbled streets and a range of historic buildings to visit. In contrast to the historical core, there are pockets of the city which are now home to communist architecture, including the Petrzalka housing estate.

Catching a train to Bratislava is most easily achieved from Vienna, with trains leaving every 30 minutes. There are also a variety of train services travelling to Prague as well as destinations in Poland, Hungary and Russia. Generally speaking, international tickets are cheaper to buy from Bratislava's rail company, rather than neighbouring countries.

A variety of international coach services also travel to Bratislava, arriving at the Central Coach Terminal, at the eastern border of the city centre. There are left luggage facilities at the coach station.

How to get to Bratislava from
Route 1:

The service between Prague and Budapest is operated by the EuroNight 'Metropol' sleeper train service. Both first and second class sleeping accommodation is available onboard, as well as second class couchettes. A second class seating carriage is also available, although obviously not as comfortable as the other options.

This route is shared between Berlin and Brno with another EuroNight sleeper train service to/from Vienna.