Switzerland is famous for its mountainous terrain, but the centre of the country is relatively flat and is home to lakes and rolling hills. The country is suitable for most visitors, whether they are after an action packed winter holiday, a summer hiking break, or just a look at some historical sites. It is very easily accessed by train from Paris.

Switzerland is famous for its neutral stance, and has a higher GDP than most other western European countries. The country has eleven regions, with Zurich as the capital city.

Switzerland is well served by international rail services from countries including France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. International bus services also serve the country, principally operated by Eurolines.

Within Switzerland itself, there are plenty of national rail services. One not to miss is the spectacular Glacier Express.

Overland Holidays in Switzerland

The Glacier Express

Experience the beauty of the Swiss countryside as you travel on a rail tour that includes a trip on the world-famous Glacier Express.