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Barcelona - Valencia - Alicante (EuroMed Train)


The Journey

The fast EuroMed service links Barcelona and Alicante, and stops at Valencia en route. In total, the journey takes around 4hrs 40mins, with prices ranging from €50 - €80.

EuroMed Trains

EuroMed trains run along the east coast of Spain, between Alicante and Barcelona. The trains have a top speed of 220km/h, and offer a good option for train travel along the Mediterranean coast.

There are currently six trains in the EuroMed fleet, operated by RENFE, the Spanish rail operator.

Facilities onboard the train include a buffet/bar carriage, which houses a telephone and television. There is also a baby room onboard, as well as adequate disabled facilities.

Both First Class and Standard Class fares are available. First Class passengers may use the VIP lounge at the stations, and also benefit from a free onboard meal, welcome drink and newspapers/magazines.

Preferente / First Class

First class passengers enjoy more spacious seating arrangements, with 63 first class seats onboard each train. Each carriage is arranged with three seats in each row; two on one side of the aisle, and one on the other. Each seat is reclining, and can be adjusted to face the direction of travel. Each seat has access to audio and video feeds.

Customers travelling in First Class receive a number of benefits, including:

  • A parking space at Barcelona and/or Alicante (24/48hrs free for single/return tickets);
  • Access to the first class lounge;
  • Free newspapers/magazines;
  • A welcome drink onboard; and
  • A meal served at their seat (only on longer distance journeys).

Second / Turista Class

The Turista Class accommodation is largely similar to First Class accommodation, although the 236 seats on the train are arranged in rows of four; two seats on either side of the aisle. Each seat can recline, and can be adjusted to face the direction of travel. Audio and video feeds, as well as a reading light are available at all seats.

Disabled facilities are available onboard, with each train offering a wheelchair safety device and disabled toilet facilities.

An onboard cafeteria is available for use by all passengers.


There are a number of alternative services that follow the same route (although calling at intermediary stops), but these are much slower, and generally require a change of trains at Valencia.

Barcelona to Alicante by Train:

 M-SaM-FF-Su Sat  Sat
Barcelona Sants07.0008.0009.0010.0014.3016.0018.0020.30
Castello de la Plana09.1510.1111.1712.1516.4318.1220.1022.41
Valencia Joaquin Sorolla10.0510.5911.5913.0517.3019.0521.0423.28

Alicante to Barcelona by Train:

 M-Sa  SatM-Sat  
Valencia Joaquin Sorolla06.4008.3411.0515.0516.0418.0519.35
Castello de la Plana07.1709.1811.4415.4616.4718.4720.16
Barcelona Sants09.3911.4214.0918.0919.1021.1122.37



Prices for this journey range from €50 to €80 for the full journey. Booking in advance is advisable. Tickets can be bought using the link below.

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