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Copenhagen - Malmo - Stockholm (SJ 2000 Train)


The Journey

The high speed, 125mph X2000 (XDE) train between Copenhagen and Stockholm via Malmo is a comfortable journey with first and second class seating options. There is also a buffet car if you get hungry during the 5 hour journey.

There are several direct services between Stockholm and Copenhagen each day, but if the timings aren't suitable, there are services every hour between Malmo and Stockholm, with local connecting services available to Copenhagen, across the Oresund Bridge.

SJ 2000 Trains

SJ 2000 (also known as SJ Snabbtag or SJ High-speed train, and previously known as X 2000) are high-speed Swedish trains, averaging speeds of around 150km/hr. They operate on a number of Swedish routes, including:

  • Stockholm - Falun;
  • Stockholm - Gothenburg;
  • Stockholm - Jonkoping;
  • Stockholm - Karlstad;
  • Stockholm - Malmo and Copenhagen;
  • Stockholm - Sundsvall Central Station;
  • Stockholm - Arvika; and
  • Stockholm - Uddevalla.

SJ 2000 services offer a choice of first or second class accommodation. Both First and Standard class seats have access to power sockets for portable electronic devices. The trains also benefit from enhanced mobile phone reception.

First Class

First Class passengers receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Internet access;
  • Complimentary breakfast (served before 9am);
  • Complimentary coffee, tea and fruit;
  • Morning and evening newspapers;
  • Optional quiet-zone travel;
  • Access to music channels; 
  • Access to a conference compartment (must be reserved in advance); and
  • Access to the SJ Lounge at Stocholm Central and Gothenburg Stations.


Passengers may bring as much luggage with them as they like, so long as they can manage getting it on board themselves. Storage areas can be found at either end of each carriage, and above the seats.

Internet Access

All SJ 2000 trains offer low-speed internet on-board. Access can be bought in advance or at the bistro on-board. First class passengers receive internet access for free (use the order number on your ticket to log in). Other passengers may purchase internet access at the following rates:

Connection DurationPrice
30 minutes39 SEK
Whole Journey99 SEK
Monthly Pass599 SEK
Annual Pass5990 SEK

At weekends and on holidays, the price is reduced to 19 SEK for 30 minutes, or 49 SEK for the whole journey.

Food & Drink

Depending on the route in operation, trains will either have their own bistro carriage or a refreshments counter. Both serve salads, sandwiches and hot meals. The bistro also sells newspaprers and business magazines. First class passengers can choose to pay a supplement (129 SEK) to receive a three course meal.

Disabled Passengers

SJ 2000 trains are staffed, and have audio induction loops and accessible WCs. Wheelchair lifts are available to help passengers get onboard, as there are a small number of steps up to each carriage from platform level.

Travelling with Pets

Up to two pets may travel with each passenger, as long as they can fit within your seating space. Larger animals may require an extra ticket to be purchased (same price as the reservation fee for a youth ticket). Animals are only permitted in designated sections of Standard Class.


There are around five direct services between Copenhagen and Stockholm in each direction every day. However, there are even more direct services between Malmo and Stockholm each day. Services between Malmo and Copenhagen are also frequent, with trains running every 10-20 minutes.

The table below lists all of the direct services between Copenhagen and Stockholm. Outside of these services, direct services between Malmo and Stockholm run roughly every hour.

Direct Services - Copenhagen to Stockholm by Train

 M-FSa SaSa  Sa
Copenhagen (H)04.5606.2908.3711.3712.3714.2916.2918.37
Copenhagen (Airport)05.1006.4208.5011.5012.5014.4216.4218.50
Malmo (C)05.3307.1109.1312.1313.1315.1117.1119.11
Sodertalje Syd-11.2413.24-17.2419.2421.2423.21
Stockholm Central10.0511.5013.5016.5017.5019.5021.5023.45

Direct Services - Stockholm to Copenhagen by Train

 M-FSa  SaSaSaSa
Stockholm Central05.5506.2108.1410.2112.1414.1415.1417.06
Sodertalje Syd-06.3308.3310.3312.3314.3315.32-
Malmo (C)10.1010.4912.4914.4916.5118.5019.5021.24
Copenhagen (Airport)10.2511.0913.0915.0517.0519.0920.0521.45
Copenhagen (H)10.4011.2313.2315.1917.1919.2320.1922.00



Advance reservations are strongly recommended for this popular route. A range of discounts are available, including 10-ticket carnets, last minute fareas, tickets by auction and season tickets.

One-way fares for this route start from €17, and can be booked through the SJ website.

Railpass holders must pay a small supplement €7-17 to travel on this route.

For the latest fares and times, follow the link below.

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