Geneva - Brig - Milan (EuroCity Train)


The Journey

The high-speed Pendolino service between Geneva and Milan is a beautiful journey, passing mountains and lakes along the way. Refreshments are available on-board during the 4(ish) hour journey.

The service has had a mixed history, as much of the service is run using first-generation Pendolino trains which have had some reliability issues.

EuroCity (EC) Trains

EuroCity (EC) trains are daytime international services operated within the European inter-city rail network. All EC journeys take place between 6am and midnight, as opposed to the night-train alternative, EuroNight.

EuroCity trains travel through two or more countries on their journey, stopping only at major cities, for generally no more than five minutes. They are generally not high-speed services, but still travel at speeds of over 90km/hr.

Depending on which countries you are travelling between, the actual carriages used by the EC service will vary. For example, if you are travelling through Germany, chances are that your train will use Deutsche Bahn rolling stock. As such, the quality and options available to you will vary depending on which route you are taking.

Seat reservations on EC trains are not compulsory, but are recommended, especially for more popular routes. Seat reservations cost a supplement of €4 per person, per leg.

The accommodation offered on-board EC trains varies depending on the countries you are travelling through, and therefore the rolling stock in use. Gernally, trains offer both First and Standard Class accommodation. All EC trains are air-conditioned.

Food & Drink

All EC trains offer food and drink on-board, although the scale of this offer varies. Most have some form of refreshment booth, whilst the more popular routes operate dining/buffet cars.


All train stewards speak at least two languages, one of which will be either English, German or French.


There are four services in each direction of travel, with connecting services available for onward travel to Zurich, Rome, Bologna and Naples. If these timings are not suitable, it is possible to change at Brig to catch connecting services.

Geneva05.4207.4213.4218.42Milan Central08.2512.2517.2519.25
Milan Central09.3511.3517.3522.35Geneva12.1816.1821.1823.15

37: Onward service between Milan and Venice, arriving at Venice Santa Lucia at 14.40.
42: Connecting service from Venice, departing at 17.20 from Venice Santa Lucia.


Prices for this route start at just £17.50 one-way. Reservations must be made when travelling on this service. A supplement of €4 per passenger will be payable.

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