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Alilauro Ferries



Countries Served:

Alilauro are an Italian ferry company that operate on various routes to/from Ischia, Capri, Naples, Sorrento, the Aeolian Island, the Pontine Islands, Flumicino and Anzio. The company's primary routes are:

  • Capri - Ischia;
  • Ischia - Naples;
  • Naples - Sorrento; and
  • Sorrento - Ischia.

The company currently operates around 32 vessels, having first started operation in 1944.


Most of the ships within the fleet are either hydrofoils or catamarans. Due to the short nature of most of the routes offered, passenger accommodation is relatively standard seating arrangements.

Luggage & Facilities

Most of Italy's ferry companies operating on tourist routes, including Alilauro, charge passengers to carry luggage, at a rate of around €2 per person.

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