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Circumvesuviana Trains



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Circumvesuviana are a group of narrow-gauge rail links that connect the towns to the east and south east of Naples. The service gets its name from Mount Vesuvius, around which it runs, with a total of 96 stations and 138km of track.

All of the service's routes start/end at Naples, with the longest journey (to Sorrento) taking around an hour. Some of the routes available offer fantastic views of the sea and Italian coastline.

There are six routes currently in operation:

  • Naples - Sorrento;
  • Naples - Ottaviano - Sarno;
  • Naples - Nola - Baiano;
  • Naples - Pomigliano - Acerra;
  • Naples - Scafati - Poggiomarino (via Pompeii); and
  • Naples - San Georgio a Cremano (via Centro Direzionale).

As Circumvesuviana services are operated by a private company, railpasses are not accepted. 


The system uses two or three car trains, powered by overhead cables. Trains can accommodate up to 1200 people (which is not uncommon in Summer months on popular routes).

There is only one accommodation class on-board, and the condition of trains varies as new models are gradually being introduced. Generally speaking, seats are made from hard-wearing plastic.

The Circumvesuviana route is unfortunately one of the worst for pick-pocketing. There are many accounts of trouble around, with tourists being a particular target. 

Luggage & Facilities

There is plenty of space for luggage onboard Circumvesuviana services, with luggage racks positioned above the seats. 

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