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Some of the information below may be out of date as a result of changing timetables and services. Please double check the accuracy of all information before travelling.

The booking forms should be up to date however, so if tickets for a particular service are available, then the service should be operational.

Inter City Express (ICE) Trains



Countries Served:

The Inter City Express (also known as InterCityExpress or ICE) train service is a network of high speed rail routes operating with Germany and its neighbouring countries. 

The distinctive trains, painted in pale grey and red are easily recognised and well respected for their quality and speed. As a result, the price of tickets for ICE services is generally higher than normal trains. 

ICE Sprinter Trains

ICE Sprinter services offer business passengers the opportunity to travel on faster (fewer stops) services in the morning and evening peak hours. They generally depart at around 6am and 6pm. Reservations on these services is mandatory.

Sprinter services operate on the following routes:

  • Berlin - Frankfurt;
  • Hamburg - Cologne; and
  • Hamburg - Frankfurt.


ICE services offer the choice of first and second class accommodation. All carriages are air-conditioned and offer a variety of high-tech facilities for passengers. 

When booking your ticket, you should be given the option to book a window or aisle seat, as well as face-to-face or row seating with a seat-back or fixed table.

Most seats have a headphone jack available for listening to on-board radio programmes. Some first and second class seats (depending on train age and route in question) offer passengers an individual video screen for viewing movies and other information. Passengers may choose between three radio stations, offering classical music, jazz, rock/pop and a children's channel.

On most trains, electrical sockets are available at every seat, and an electronic display above the seats indicates whether they are reserved (and if so, between which destinations). ICE trains offer passengers enhanced mobile phone reception (except in designated quiet carriages).

First class passengers receive at-seat service and free newspapers. On the ICE Sprinter service, first class passengers also receive free drinks and an at-seat meal (breakfast or dinner).

Luggage & Facilities

Food & Drink

ICE trains all offer a restaurant car and/or self-service cafe on-board. The Bordbistro and Bordrestaurant offer different dishes depending on the time of day, and the menu often offers regional dishes and specialities. At-seat service is available for first class passengers, and a snack/beverage at-seat service is also available for second class passengers.

Disabled Passengers

All ICE trains offer special facilities for disabled passengers.

Other Services

Taxis and porters can be pre-booked for your arrival by members of the on-board service crew. Public phone booths and luggage lockers (locakable in return for a small deposit) are available on each train.

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