Voyages SNCF


Voyages SNCF (formerly Rail Europe) is the leading travel agent for European rail travel. The company is owned by the French national rail operator SNCF, so you know that they can be trusted. The company accepts bookings from individuals across the globe, and if you happen to be in London you can even visit their sales office near Picadilly.

Buying Tips

If you are looking to book your train ticket in advance, Voyages SNCF will accept bookings for journeys 90 days in advance of travel (60 days in advance on some routes, and 120 days in advance for Eurostar).

If you are planning a particularly complicated journey, you might find it easier to try and book your trip in different stages. So if you were travelling from London to Moscow, you might be better off splitting the booking process into London to Paris, Paris to Moscow etc.

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