Eurail Pass

The Railcard

Eurail Passes entitle their holder to significant savings on rail travel within Europe. Unlike the InterRail Pass, Eurail Passes can only be purchased by non-European residents. Eurail offers holders a choice of pass types: the Eurail Global Pass, Eurail Select Pass, Eurail Regional Pass and Eurail One Country Pass.

Passes can be bought up to six months in advance, by anyone who lives outside Europe.


Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass is valid for unlimited travel on the rail networks of twenty two European countries, whilst some other countries are included on the other Eurail Pass options.

Select Pass

Eurail Select Passes entitle passholders to free travel within 3, 4 or 5 neighbouring countries. To be classed as neighbouring, the countries must be linked by a direct train or ferry route covered by Eurail.

Regional Pass

Eurail Regional Passes allow the passholder to travel freely within one of the 25 defined 'regions', as defined below.

One Country Pass

The most limited of all the passes are the One Country Passes. Each country has its own pricing structure, as well as the number of permitted days of travel etc.


Countries Included

Czech Republic
The Netherlands
Sweden; and


A number of ferry operators offer discounts or free travel for Eurail Passholders. As with trains, ferry services will charge a supplement for any sleeping accommodation. Participating ferry operators include:

Blue Star Ferries
Color Line
Endeavor Lines
Irish Ferries
Minoan Lines
Norfolkline Irish Sea
Stena Line
SuperFast Ferries
Tallink Silja
Viking Line

Regional Pass Zones

Austria - Croatia / Slovenia
Austria - Czech Republic
Austria - Germany
Austria - Hungary
Austria - Switzerland
Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands)
Benelux - France
Benelux - Germany
Croatia / Slovenia - Hungary
Czech Republic - Germany
Denmark - Germany
Denmark - Sweden
Finland - Sweden
France - Germany
France - Italy
France - Spain
France - Switzerland
Germany - Poland
Germany - Switzerland
Greece - Italy
Hungary - Romania
Italy - Spain
Norway - Sweden
Portugal - Spain
Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)


Global Pass

Interestingly, Adult Eurail Global Passes entitle the holder to travel in First Class seats/carriages. Whereas the youth/under 26 pass is valid for Second Class travel only.

Validity Youth Adult Saver
15 days $469 $719 $609
21 days $605 $935 $795
1 month $755 $1159 $985
2 months $1065 $1639 $1395
3 months $1319 $2025 $1725
10 days within 2 months $555 $849 $719
15 days within 2 months $725 $1119 $915

Saver Passes are for two or more adults travelling together (price per person). Children (4-11) pay 50% of the adult price.

Select Pass

Similarly to the Global Pass, adult passholders are entitled to travel in First Class seats/carriages. Whereas the youth/under 26 pass is valid for Second Class travel only.

Validity 3 Countries 4 Countries 5 Countries
5 days within 2 months $455 $509 $559
6 days within 2 months $505 $559 $609
8 days within 2 months $599 $649 $705
10 days within 2 months $689 $745 $795
15 days within 2 months - - $1009

Youth/Under 16s prices are roughly 65% of the adult price.
Saver Passes (2 adult travellers) are 85% of the adult price.
Child Passes (4-11) are 50% of the adult price.

Regional Pass

Prices for the Regional Pass vary considerably between regions. For the latest prices and region information, visit

One Country Pass

Visit for an up-to-date list of countries, prices, and information regarding each country's pass.


Unfortunately, having a Eurail Pass doens't necessarily mean that you get to travel on any train for free. A large number of rail operators charge a supplement to passholders for use of their 'premium' services. These are often referred to as 'reservation' fees. Most of the pricing information on Grounded Travel will contain information on any supplements payable by passholders. Sometimes, operators will just charge a different (lower) rate for passholders, rather than a reservation fee. Reservation fees are mainly charged for overnight services, whilst separate passholder rates are mainly on premium services such as Eurostar or Thalys.

Eurail Passes are valid on the main railways in each of the participating countries. Within those countries there may also be a number of local or private rail services, which may charge a supplement, separate price, or offer no discount at all for passholders. Don't let this scare you off though, as your pass will still cover the majority of routes in Europe.

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