Extra Train Services for London for Olympics

London will benefit from additional train and tube services during the Olympic and Paralympic games, with around 3,500 additional services in total.

Some trains will be longer (accommodating more passengers), and additional services from cities further afield will also help spectators get to the games in time.

Train tickets will be available to purchase from the end of next month, and will offer a greater deal of flexibility in terms of pricing and switching services, and railcards and other discounts will still be valid.

Free London Travelcard for Ticket Holders

Spectators with tickets for events during a particular day will be given a free Games Travelcard for that day with their ticket, which will allow them to travel freely on that day within London Travelcard Zones 1-9. This will offer a good encouragement for spectators to travel sustainably to the venue, and hopefully the additional services laid on will help to keep everyone moving!

Travelling to London for the Olympics?

If you're travelling into London from Europe or beyond, use the select boxes to pick your starting city, and find out how you could get there without flying.

You can view a full list of the planned changes on the Network Rail website.

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