Finding European Train Times

If you are looking to find timings of specific trains when travelling in Europe, or work out a complex itinerary, you will need to find a good timetable.

There are quite a few options available to you, both online and offline.

Online European Rail Timetables

The best interactive timetable available online, that allows you to view connecting services etc is at the Deutsche Bahn website. There are a number of language choices at the top of the page in case you aren't fluent in German. Deutsche Bahn are also a good choice for when it comes to booking tickets for many European routes.

The Austrian rail operator OBB has also made a great rail journey planner, called Scotty, which we find quite easy to navigate and read.

Offline / Paper European Rail Timetables

If you would prefer to look at paper copies of timetables, Thomas Cook make a great paperback European Rail Timetable which is updated monthly (or seasonally depending on which version you buy). The book contains a huge variety of trains across Europe, and some versions also include abridged ferry timetables too.

You can buy the timetable through Amazon for a reasonable price. Essential for those inter-railing, or planning on doing a few rail journeys and not necessarily with access to the internet.

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