Introducing the New-Look Grounded Travel

Our regular visitors might have noticed a few changes recently. After a few months of hard work behind the scenes, we released the latest version of Grounded Travel at the start of July.

We've made quite a few changes to the site, hopefully all of them offer an improvement over the previous site. A few of those changes are going to be introduced in this post.

Finding a Route

Our most satisfying new addition can be found on each 'city' page (e.g. London). On each of these pages, you will find a list of overland routes that serve it. A drop-down box allows you to pick which destination you are travelling to/from and the list of routes changes to show you your options.

Once you've found your route, you can follow the 'More Info' link to read more, or click to purchase tickets from the appropriate vendor.


Search Refinement

We have introduced a new way to search for content throughout the site. If you click on one of the main links at the top of the page (Destinations, Routes, Services or Holidays), you will be able to use the search block in the right-hand column. This block allows you to narrow down your search in stages to find what you are looking for. It will also tell you how many results it has for each possible category (e.g. 5 different routes to Munich).



We now offer our visitors the chance to find out more about a particular service, rather than just a route between A and B. So, if you have always wanted to know what to wear on the Orient Express, or what it's like to travel First Class in an Elipsos Trainhotel, you should be able to find what you're looking for.



We've teamed up with some of the world's leading overland travel agents and operators to offer our visitors a range of ready-made flightless holidays. So, if you've always wanted to travel on The Glacier Express, or take a cruise through Holland, now's your chance. 

Of course, these are just some of the more major changes we've made. Why don't you have a look around, and see if you can spot any others. We'd love to hear what you think - feel free to leave a comment on this page, or get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or our new Google + page.

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